The college has a campus area of 9142.1 sq metres. The   land is owned by the Society of Our Lady of Grace Convent, which is  the society that manages the college.  The built up area is 2055.98 sq metres.

Details of infrastructure

Sr No

Infrastructure facilities



Classroom One

Can accommodate 90-100 persons. Equipped with LCD, Computer, sound system, display boards


Classroom Two

Can accommodate 50 students. Equipped with LCD, Computer, speakers, display boards.


Five method rooms

Each room can accommodate up to 30 students. One of the method rooms has LCD and computer. All rooms have chalkboards and display boards.


Principal’s Office

Equipped with PC.  Principal can carry out her duties and meet visitors, faculty and students.


Administrative Office

ICT enabled office with Computers, Printer, scanners and photocopy machine. CCTV installed.  Adequate storage capacity. Special arrangement for confidential work like downloading University papers.


Multi-purpose Hall

Has a stage for performances. ICT enabled. Seating arrangement for 50-70 persons. Shared with sister institutions.


Library cum Reading Room

Spacious library can accommodate 50 persons at a time. Computerised book lending facility. Has Book Bank and reference section. Special cubicles for research scholars. Three computers available. Photocopier and scanner facility available. Special storage for books, bound volumes of magazines/ journals, E resources and theses.


ICT Room

Equipped with computers, scanner, printer.


Conference Room

Used for IQAC and CDC meetings. Computer facility available. The room has ample display boards and space to store material needed for Psychology Laboratory.


Staff Room

Spacious room, can accommodate 10-15 persons. Has Air conditioner,  Storage for files and students’ assignments, Lockers for faculty. Equipped with Computer.


Girls’ Common room

Can accommodate up to 20 students at a time.


Open Space for activities

Can accommodate 40-50 persons. used for Yoga and other workshops. Has facility to play indoor games.


Science Laboratory

Has equipment and material for school related Science experiments. Shared with other sister institutions on campus.


Storage facility

Storage facility is distributed at different areas. Learning resources are stored in one section of the library.


Other than the above mentioned, the college has a playground, parking space, separate washrooms for male and female students , washroom for staff.