Pushpanjali College of Education has been nurtured by the unwavering commitment and staunch support of a number of persons. They have ignited the spark of hope and illumined the path for others to follow.

Our Founders

Pushpanjali College of Education was established in 1990 due to the vision of Sr. Mary Delphina (the then Principal of St. Aloysius D.Ed College) and Fr. John Rumao (the then Principal of Thomas Baptista High School and Jr. College). The blessings of Mother Mary Angela, the then Mother General of the Congregation of Carmelite Religious, also played a pivotal role in the establishment of the college. Members of the local society like Shri Walter Velso, Shri Nazareth Coutinho and Shri Anthony Pereira extended their assistance. Shri Wilfred Pereira and Shri Richard Vaz have supported the college with their expertise and experience right from 1990 and have offered their erudite advice at all times.

Past Principals of Pushpanjali College of Education

We are indebted to all our past principals who have fostered a culture of academic excellence leaving a lasting legacy that continues to shape the institution's future. We treasure the contribution of

Teaching Faculty and Non-teaching Staff who have served Pushpanjali College of Education

We remember with a grateful heart the contribution of those who relentlessly served the college. Their influence extends far beyond the classroom and continues to inspire all those have passed from the portal of the institution.

We also acknowledge the contribution of the staff of St. Aloysius D.Ed College who provided  valuable assistance  in the initial years of the college. Our sister institutions of St. Aloysius Educational Complex have been a staunch support in our journey. The Bassein Catholic Co-operative Bank played a crucial role by providing financial assistance to the college when the college began. Since its establishment in 1990, the college has benefitted from the guidance provided by the members of the Governing Body and the Management team.

With a visionary management, committed staff, strong community and alumni support, we are sure that Pushpanjali College of Education will continue to evolve and thrive, meeting the ever-changing demands of education and providing a brighter future for generations to come.